LBB Experience Is 3 Years Old… Here Are 10 Popular Blog Posts

Yesterday morning during my not-so-busy Monday schedule I sat down at a pool terrace at one of the local hotels to unwind over a drink and plan for the week. After my phone picked up the WiFi connection, one of the notifications was from wordpress; my blogging site of choice. It was a reminder that it has been three years since I started blogging on this platform.

This actually brought back so many memories. From setting up the blog account back in 2015 and abandoning it till I found the courage to start sharing my travel experiences on the world wide web. Whoa! 3 years? I wondered. It felt unreal! It felt unreal because initially I did not know whether to blog about poetry or travel experiences… I guess it became clear over time.

In my quest to make the LBB Experience easy for people to understand and join me in this journey I came up with the following few words;

The LBB Experience is a feeling. It is what I see, what I feel, what I discover and what I experience throughout my travels. It is the essence of the people that I meet, and the soul of the places that I visit. It is a collective spirit of what it means to be a citizen of the world.

I would like to thank all my readers, supporters and visitors to my blog because had it not been for them clicking to read more and share with their networks I wouldn’t have reached readers from all the countries that keep popping onto read about my experiences. Some of the countries I did not even know existed and have read about them and look forward to visiting them in the future and even write about my experiences there.

When I navigated to the “Stats & Insights” part of the blog I came across an interesting discovery that I have not paid much attention to throughout my years of blogging; an analysis of popular / most read blog posts. I thought it would be fitting to share them with you as we go down memory lane and also give new readers a taste of what they have missed, also keeping them up to speed with has been going on at LBB Experience.

The Top 10 Most Popular posts on LBB Experience are as follows;

  1. Botswana’s Best Kept Secret; Goo Moremi Gorge
  2. Reverse Culture Shock
  3. Top 5 Things To Do In Maun
  4. Delhi Only! Favourite City In The World
  5. How Do I Describe You To A Person Who Has Not Experienced You, Incredible India
  6. Best Souvenirs from India
  7. What You Won’t Miss After Leaving India
  8. Travel Teaches Tolerance
  9. Nyama choma, ugali, kachumbari na Tusker baridi – The Ultimate Kenya Experience
  10. Caution! It’s A Touchy Subject


I have deliberately left the titles to the blogs with not even the slightest explanations because that is the kind of writing style I go by. I also appreciate feedback of any kind as it can only make things better moving forward.

To my existing readers and followers I hope you enjoy this as you exercise your brains and go down memory lane, To the new readers, thank you so much for giving us a click, we are looking forward to more visits.

Here is to three more years and beyond awesome experiences.

Love and Light!